Youtube mod apk

Youtube mod apk

Youtube mod apk

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Product Description

YouTube ReVanced Mod APK, an unofficial sequel to Vanced, brings a whole new level of functionality and customization to the YouTube experience. This modded version is designed to provide users with both the features seen in Vanced and new additions exclusive to ReVanced. From extended patches to improved integrations, YouTube ReVanced Mod APK offers an enhanced and personalized YouTube viewing experience. In this article, we’ll explore the features, updates, and benefits of YouTube ReVanced Mod APK and how it can transform your YouTube app.

Unleash New Features and Customizations:

YouTube ReVanced Mod APK goes beyond the standard YouTube app by offering a range of new features and customizations. With extended patches, you can hide ads, info cards, layout components, suggested actions, trending searches, and much more. You have the flexibility to personalize your YouTube interface according to your preferences and eliminate distractions.

Seamless Integration and Optimizations:

YouTube ReVanced Mod APK features updated ReVanced Extended Cli, Patches, and Integrations to ensure smooth performance and seamless integration. These updates include bug fixes, optimizations, and new features. The modded version is built on the latest YouTube app, incorporating Return YouTube Dislike, SponsorBlock, and ReVanced Extend settings. Enjoy a refined YouTube experience with improved functionalities and enhanced stability.

Diverse Patch Options:

YouTube ReVanced Mod APK offers a wide range of patch options to tailor your YouTube experience. Hide specific elements like ads, player buttons, captions, overlays, seekbar, suggestions, and more. Additionally, you can switch between different layouts, themes, and languages to suit your preferences. The modded version empowers you to customize your YouTube app according to your unique style and requirements.

Non-Root Variant and MicroG Compatibility:

YouTube ReVanced Mod APK is available in a non-root variant, making it accessible to a broader user base. However, it requires MicroG, a lightweight implementation of Google Play Services, for seamless functionality. Once you have MicroG installed, you can easily install and use YouTube ReVanced Mod APK to enjoy its extended features.

How to Install: Installing YouTube ReVanced Mod APK is a straightforward process:

  1. Install MicroG: Begin by installing MicroG, which is required for the modded version to function properly.
  2. Install YouTube ReVanced: After installing MicroG, proceed to install YouTube ReVanced Mod APK.
  3. Log in to your Google Account: Open YouTube ReVanced and log in to your Google account to access your personalized YouTube content.

Stay Updated with the Latest Versions:

YouTube ReVanced Mod APK regularly updates its base to the latest YouTube version, ensuring compatibility and access to the newest features and optimizations. It also provides updates to ReVanced Extended Cli, Patches, and Integrations, offering continuous improvements and bug fixes to enhance your YouTube experience.


YouTube ReVanced Mod APK takes YouTube customization and functionality to a whole new level. With its extended patches, updated integrations, and personalized options, it offers a refined and tailored YouTube experience. Enjoy ad-free viewing, hide unwanted elements, switch between layouts and themes, and more. Download YouTube ReVanced Mod APK today and unlock new features and customizations that will transform your YouTube app


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