Truecaller mod apk : Caller ID & Block v13.25.7 [Gold]

Truecaller mod apk : Caller ID & Block v13.25.7 [Gold]

Truecaller mod apk : Caller ID & Block v13.25.7 [Gold]

v13.25.7 [Gold] Mod apk
7.0 and up


Product Description

Truecaller is a renowned app that offers powerful features to help users identify callers and block spam calls and text messages. With its Caller ID functionality, Truecaller informs you about the caller’s identity and reason for the call, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether to answer or ignore the call. This app is equipped with advanced call screening, spam detection, and a voice-based virtual assistant that adds an extra layer of protection against robocalls, scammers, fraudsters, telemarketers, and unwanted phone numbers. In this article, we will explore the features of Truecaller, along with the benefits of using the modded version, Truecaller Mod APK [Gold], which unlocks premium features and provides an enhanced user experience.

Block Spam Calls and SMS with Advanced Spam Detection:

Truecaller’s top-notch spam call blocker and spam detector protect you from unwanted calls and SMS. The Caller ID feature identifies numbers and automatically blocks telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, and fraudsters. The app updates its spam list in real-time based on inputs from millions of users worldwide, ensuring that you stay protected from spam calls, robocalls, and fraud attempts. Additionally, Truecaller’s advanced call blocker can filter out spam calls based on country, phone number sequences, unknown numbers, and telemarketers, providing you with a hassle-free calling experience.

Powerful Caller ID & Dialer with Reverse Number Lookup:

Truecaller offers a comprehensive Caller ID and dialer functionality. Even if a phone number is not in your contacts, the leading Caller ID feature reveals the caller’s identity. It helps identify if an unknown caller is a business or spam number, enabling you to block spam calls effectively. The app also incorporates Truecaller Voice (VOIP) calling, allowing you to make free calls to your friends who are using Truecaller. Moreover, Truecaller’s dialer includes a reverse number lookup feature, enabling you to search for phone numbers and find the corresponding name before making a call, saving you time and effort.

Messaging and Spam Filtering:

Truecaller serves as a versatile messaging app, offering features such as sending and receiving messages, scheduling future messages, and more. It automatically identifies and blocks unknown, spam, scam, and telemarketing SMS, keeping your messaging experience clutter-free. Truecaller organizes your text messages into tabs for easy management, categorizing them as Personal, Important, Other, and Spam, ensuring that important messages are not missed.

Introducing Truecaller Mod APK [Gold]:

With Truecaller Mod APK [Gold], you can enjoy an upgraded experience with unlocked gold features. This modded version eliminates ads, provides advanced blocking and filtering options, enables the Ghost Call feature (which allows you to simulate receiving calls from specific names and numbers), offers incognito mode for private profile viewing, and grants access to 30 contact requests per month. Additionally, Truecaller Mod APK [Gold] features an AOSP-compatible version without Google dependencies, an Amoled Black theme for visually pleasing usage, and support for multiple languages.

Conclusion: Truecaller Mod APK:

Caller ID & Block v13.25.7 [Gold] is the ultimate solution for protecting yourself from spam calls and scammers. By leveraging Truecaller’s powerful features, such as Caller ID, spam detection, call blocking, reverse number lookup, and messaging capabilities, you can have a safer and more efficient communication experience. With Truecaller Mod APK [Gold], you unlock premium features and enjoy an enhanced user experience without ads. Download Truecaller Mod APK now and stay protected from unwanted calls and SMS while enjoying the convenience of powerful caller identification and spam filtering features.

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