Blossom Plant Identification Mod apk v1.49.1 [Premium]

Blossom Plant Identification Mod apk v1.49.1 [Premium]

Blossom Plant Identification Mod apk v1.49.1 [Premium]

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Product Description

Explore the world of plants, flowers, succulents, and trees with ease using Blossom Plant Identification Mod apk, the ultimate gardening app. Effortlessly identify various plant species by capturing a photo or selecting an image from your phone. Access a wealth of plant care tips, including watering schedules, fertilization techniques, and reporting guidance. Snap a picture of any tree you encounter and expand your knowledge about it. Create your private blossoming garden with confidence!

Blossom Plant Identification Mod apk Key Features:

  • Accurate Plant Recognition: Identify over 10,000 plants, flowers, succulents, and trees instantly by uploading a photo or using an existing image.
  • Plant Disease Identification: Capture a snapshot of an ailing plant or upload a photo to receive comprehensive information on diseases and treatments.
  • Virtual Care Assistant: Consult the Blossom Assistant chatbot to diagnose plant issues and revive your green companions effectively.
  • Garden for Edible Plants: Cultivate organic edible plants using Blossom’s personalized planting calendar and receive additional care reminders for your garden.
  • Botanist Hotline: Seek advice on plant care and treatments by messaging our team of botany experts.
  • Plant Care Reminders: Receive timely notifications for watering, fertilizing, misting, cleaning, and reporting tasks. Customized care reminders can be generated based on each plant’s specific requirements.
  • Personal Plant Collection: Organize your plants in one convenient location by grouping them according to room types or creating custom folders.
  • Water Calculator: Get tailored watering recommendations based on your plant type and pot size.
  • Useful Information and Smart Tips: Access detailed information and caring instructions for each plant, including flowering timelines and suitable trees for your garden. Identify plants through photos or by searching their names in our comprehensive database.
  • Green Blog: Stay updated with a wealth of plant care articles, tips, and video tutorials available in our regularly refreshed blog.
  • Notes: Monitor the growth and development of your plants by journaling their progress, celebrating milestones, describing your care routine, and attaching photos to track their transformation.
  • Light Meter: Measure the light conditions in your space to determine the ideal placement for your plants.

Make Blossom your plants’ digital haven. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a novice plant parent, enjoy the art of nurturing and cultivating your greenest life.

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