AppBlock mod apk – Block Apps & Sites v6.3.1 (Premium)

AppBlock mod apk - Block Apps & Sites v6.3.1 (Premium)

AppBlock mod apk – Block Apps & Sites v6.3.1 (Premium)

MobileSoft s.r.o.
6.3.1 Premium
5.0 and up

Product Description

Take control of your phone usage and enhance your productivity with AppBlock mod apk, the ultimate mobile tracker and website blocker. This powerful app allows you to block distracting apps and websites, track your screen time, and set personal reminders, enabling you to prioritize what truly matters.

Set customized timers or date reminders to automatically block apps and websites, track your screen time, or activate the app and website blocker based on specific Wi-Fi connections or your location. Stay focused and increase productivity by blocking websites as soon as you arrive at work.

Key Features of AppBlock mod apk:

  1. Smart Mobile Tracker Manager: Maximize productivity with usage timers and productivity reminders. Set do-not-disturb timers, track your screen time, and receive reminders to stay focused on your tasks. Take control of your phone usage by blocking social media and other distracting apps, helping you maintain laser-like focus.
  2. App Blocker, Goal Tracker, and Screen Timer: Track and block apps and websites customize reminders, and monitor your app usage limits. Gain insights and reminders to stay on track with your goals, while focusing on effective time management and increasing your off-time.
  3. Enhanced Productivity and Self-Control: Boost productivity and self-control with usage reminder alerts. Customize app blockers for all disruptive apps, ensuring you stay productive and maintain your focus.
  4. Comprehensive Blocking: Block apps, sites, and even your email. Keep distractions at bay by disabling reminders and notifications, allowing you to work uninterrupted during dedicated time slots.
  5. Stay Focused with App Manager, Time Tracker, and Website Blocker: Track your screen time and set timers to limit your mobile usage. Block notifications, alerts, and reminders that may disrupt your workflow. Manage parental controls effectively and use timers to track your goals and activate profiles based on your personal stats provided by our mobile tracker. Activate Strict Mode to lock your AppBlock settings and improve self-control.

AppBlock mod apk for Chrome: Experience the power of AppBlock on your computer. Download our Chrome extension to block intrusive sites and take your productivity to the next level.

AppBlock – Block Websites & Apps: Boost Productivity App helps you find peace during your off-time and achieve the following:

  1. Increase productivity and self-control.
  2. Manage phone addiction with usage reminders and addiction tracking.
  3. Focus on your goals and practice effective time management.
  4. Reduce screen time with the help of our site manager.
  5. Promote digital well-being and detoxify your phone usage.
  6. Organize your free time and prioritize family time with the goal tracker feature.
  7. Learn how to improve habits and overcome procrastination.

Take charge of your productivity and regain control over your phone usage with AppBlock. Download the app now and experience a new level of focus and efficiency.

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Note: AppBlock uses Accessibility services to block websites. Rest assured that we do not collect or share any of your browsing data.

Mod Info:

  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • AOSP Compatible / No Google
  • Universal CPU Architecture
  • Full Multilingual Support
  • Removed All Debug Info
  • Original Signature Changed Modded by Mixroot

What’s New: We have introduced proactive notifications to keep you informed. Receive alerts 5 minutes before your scheduled blocking begins and when it ends. You can also get notifications about the end of Strict Mode. Configure or disable these notifications in the app settings. Other features include blocking account switching, help and FAQ sections, and an in-app language setting.

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