Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

Fresh Fields Harvesting Inc

Farm Worker Jobs in Canada. Canada’s agricultural sector is a vital part of the country’s economy, and farm workers play a crucial role in its success. Farm workers perform a wide range of tasks, from planting and harvesting crops to caring for livestock. They may also work in food processing or landscaping.

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Post Name            Farm Manager

Company Name:   Fresh Fields Harvesting Inc.

Place of Job:          Delta, BC

Salary:                   $26.00 hourly.

Last Date to apply: 18.11.2023

Job Qualifications and Experience

The specific qualifications and experience required for farm worker jobs vary depending on the type of work being performed. However, most employers prefer to hire candidates with some experience in agriculture or a related field. Some farm worker jobs may also require specialized training or certification.

For example, workers who operate machinery or equipment may need to have a valid driver’s license or a certificate of training in the specific equipment they will be using. Workers who handle livestock may need to have experience with animal care and handling.

Job Duties

The job duties of farm workers vary depending on the type of work they do. However, some common job duties include:

  • Planting and harvesting crops
  • Caring for livestock
  • Operating and maintaining farm equipment
  • Packing and shipping agricultural products
  • Performing general maintenance and repairs on farm buildings and equipment

Perks and Privileges

Many farm worker jobs offer a variety of perks and privileges, such as:

  • Competitive wages and benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Flexible work schedules
  • A chance to work outdoors and enjoy nature
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are playing a role in producing food for Canadians

How to apply 

Send your documents to the following address.

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