Farm Labour Jobs in New Zealand


Farm Labour Jobs in New Zealand. Farm labour jobs are a diverse range of roles that involve working on farms. These jobs can be found in all parts of New Zealand, and they offer a variety of opportunities for people of all experience levels. There are a number of ways to find farm labour jobs in New Zealand. One way is to contact local farmers directly. Another way is to use online job boards or recruitment agencies. You can also find farm labour jobs through word-of-mouth or by networking with friends or family members who are already working in the industry.

Posts Detail

Company Name:    Tagel

Place of Job:          Urenui, Taranaki, New Zealand

Salary:                    $14 to $20 hourly (approximately)

Last Date to apply: 28.09.2023

Job Responsibilities

The specific duties of a farm labourer will vary depending on the type of farm and the specific role. However, some responsibilities include:

  • Planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops
  • Feeding and caring for livestock
  • Repairing and maintaining farm equipment
  • Operating machinery
  • Cleaning and maintaining farm buildings and grounds

Qualifications and experience

There are no specific educational or training requirements for farm labour jobs. However, some employers may prefer candidates with experience in manual labor or agriculture. Physical fitness is also important, as the job can be physically demanding.

Perks and privileges

Farm labour jobs offer a number of perks and privileges, including:

  • The opportunity to work outdoors in a beautiful setting
  • The chance to meet new people from all over the world
  • The possibility of earning above-average wages
  • The chance to learn new skills
  • The possibility of being sponsored for a work visa

How to apply

Send your documents to the following address.


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